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Cheyenne, Wy. 82001
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Our Pledge to You:In the spirit of the original Kilroy, we thoroughly inspect every inch of our products. If it is not acceptable to us, we will not sell it to you. All of our equipment has fully-functional parts; including belts, buckles, buttons, straps and zippers. It is free of rips, tears, holes and pulled seams. While you may not be storming the beaches or marching across Europe, you deserve the highest quality equipment that has been carefully checked, works perfectly and will last for years to come!

*BUYER BEWARE!* Many of our competitors, including large auction sights and well-known retailers, offer the same items. However, their product information is inadequately researched and often inaccurate, misleading or just plain erroneous. Product reviews reveal their customers often receive items in completely unacceptable condition. We provide well-researched, accurate information about our products, inspect every item carefully and once again, if it is not acceptable to us, we will not sell it to you!

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